Northern Cass Robotics Team (NCRT) is open to students in grades 7-12. Students must apply to join the team.

In 2020, NCRT will participate in the BEST Robotics Outbreak Classroom competition. While the competition does include designing and building a robot that can accomplish specific tasks within a pre-determined course, the Robotics team is more than that. Team elements include robot design, engineering notebook, marketing display and interview, website, and more.

Meeting dates below. Dates and times are tentative as the virtual season evolves. 

The team will meet as a large group and small groups throughout the season including on Fridays as we are able. Distancing and masking will be implemented.

September 8-11Times TBDRobotics Training Week
September 145:30 PMParent Meeting
September 153:30-5:30 PMMarketing Meeting
September 173:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
September 1812:30-2:30 PMCoding Meeting
September 19

Robotics Kick-Off 
September 216:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
September 226:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
September 243:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
September 26
10:00 AM - 12:00 PMBuild the Field @ School
September 286:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
September 296:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 13:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
October 212:30-2:30 PMCoding Meeting
October 5 tentative3:30-5:30 PMMarketing Meeting
October 56:00-8:00 PMBuilder Meeting
October 66:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 83:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
October 912:30-2:30 PMCoding Meeting
October 126:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 136:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 153:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
October 196:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 206:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 22TBDTeam Meeting
October 23TBDTeam Meeting
October 266:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 276:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
October 293:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
November 26:00-8:00 PMTeam Meeting
November 36:00-8:00 PMMeeting - Notebook Due
November 53:30-5:30 PMTeam Meeting
November 612:30-2:30 PMTeam Meeting
November 7
10:45-11:00 AMSystems Check
November 711:30 AM -12:00 PMCritical Design Review
November 1310:00-10:20 AMVirtual Exhibit Interview
November 149:30-10:15 AMTime Trial Runs 1-3
November 1411:45 AM - 12:15 PMMarketing Presentation
November 142:00-2:45 PMTime Trial Runs 4-6