Speech 2018-19

  • The State Class B Speech Tournament held in Mandan on April 27th.  Northern Cass Competitors this year were:
    State 2019
    Natalie T in Informative Speaking
    Silver A in Speech to Entertain
    McKenna W in Poetry
    Natalie T and Silver A in Serious Dramatic Duo
    Natasha B in Extemporaneous Programmed Reading
    (This was Natasha's 3rd trip to the State Tournament)
    Nat 2019
    Natalie also qualified for the All-State Speech and Theatre Team


    2019 RESULTS

    The Northern Cass Speech Team competed at the Enderlin Speech Tournament on Saturday, JAN 5.  The team finished in 3rd place.  Individual winners were:


    (Back Row; L/R): Hunter G: 7th in Humorous Duo and 8th in Humorous; Nate W: 7th in Humorous Duo and 4th in Impromptu; Lee G: 2nd Place in JHigh division, Extemp Speaking and Impromptu.

    (Front Row) Silver A: 7th in Serious Duo and 3rd in Entertain; Natalie T: 7th in Serious Duo, 6th in Prose, and 2nd in Inform; Kylie H: 8th in Storytelling and 6th in Humorous


    Valley City

    Valley City Tourney - January 12

    Silver A - 2nd Place in Entertain

    Silver Qualifies for State!


    NCass Speech @ North Sargent

    North Sargent Meet on January 26

    LtoR: Hunter G; Samantha T; McKenna W: 8th in Poetry; Angela B; Natalie T: 7th in Prose, 3rd in Persuade, and 1st in Inform; Ashlyn G; Nate W

    Natalie Qualifies for State!


    NC at NC

    Northern Cass Speech Meet FEB 2nd

    Overall, the team took 3rd Place out of 16 schools. 

    Back Row (L to R): Nate W: 6th in Humorous Duo, 6th in Impromptu; Nolan S; Natalie T: 7th in Prose, 1st in Inform, 1st in Persuade; Kylie H: 6th in Humorous; Ashlyn G: 7th in Inform; Lee G: 8th in Impromptu, 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking; Hunter G: 6th in Humorous Duo.

    Front Row (L to R): Sam T; McKenna W: 5th in Poetry; Natasha B: 3rd in EPR, 4th in Drama; Grace J: 2nd in EPR

    Not Pictured: Tajah F and Ian B

    Natalie and Silver have both qualified for the State Speech Tournament this season.  Silver has qualified in Speech to Entertain, and Natalie has qualified in Speech to Inform and Speech to Persuade.



    NC at TCity

    The Northern Cass Speech Team placed 2nd at the Enderlin/Maple Valley Speech Tournament held at Tower City on FEB 9th

    (L to R) Lee G: 8th in Extemporaneous Speaking; Nate W: 3rd in Impromptu; Ian B: 7th in Storytelling; Natalie T: 1st in Persuade, 2nd in Inform, 4th in Serious Duo, 5th in Serious Prose; Kylie H: 8th in Dramatic, 3rd in Humorous; McKenna W: 6th in Poetry, 7th in EPR; Grace J: 2nd in EPR; Natasha B: 4th in Dramatic, 3rd in EPR ; Silver A: 1st in Entertain, 4th in Serious Duo; Angela B; Hunter G; Nolan S: 1st JH Division Serious Interp


    NC at Grafton

    The Northern Cass Speech Team placed 2nd at the Grafton Invitational on Saturday, February 16th.

    Kylie H, 7th in Drama, 2nd in Humorous; Natalie T, 2nd in Prose, 2nd in Persuade, 3rd in Inform;  Ian B, 4th in Storytelling, 8th in Drama; Angela B, 5th in Storytelling, 3rd in Humorous; Ashlyn Gay, 3rd in Storytelling, 5th in Inform; McKenna W, 3rd in EPR, 2nd in Poetry


    NC Speech at Milnor

    March 2nd @ Milnor:  Kylie H, 4th in Humorous, 6th in Radio; Lee G, Top Novice in EXT; Natasha B, 1st in EPR, 4th in Dramatic; McKenna W, 2nd in Poetry; Nate W, 6th in Impromptu.

    Natasha B Qualifies for State in EPR!


    At Midkota

    NC Speech takes 3rd place at the Midkota Invitational. 

    (Front) Nate W: 7th in Humorous Duo, 4th in Impromptu; Hunter G: 4th in Humorous, 7th in Humorous Duo;

    McKenna W: 4th in Poetry, 8th in Radio, 7th in EPR;  Natalie T:1st in Inform, 2nd in Serious Duo, 4th in Serious Prose, 2nd in Persuade

    (Back) Lee G: 4th in Extemp Speaking, 8th in Impromptu; Kylie H: 2nd in Serious Duo, 3rd in Humorous, 2nd in Radio;

    Angela B: 5th in Humorous, 5th in Storytelling


     NC at TowerCity2

    NC takes First Place at the Tower City / Enderlin Meet on March 29th

    Silver A: 3rd in Entertain and 1st in Serious Duo; Nate W: 3rd in Impromptu and 7th in Humorous Duo; Natalie T: 3rd in Persuade, 1st in Inform, and 1st in Serious Duo; Ian B: 4th in Storytelling; McKenna W: 6th in EPR; Hunter G: 7th in Humourous Duo; Natasha B: 3rd in Dramatic, 1st in EPR

    Natalie and Silver have qualified for State in Serious Duo


    Region 2019

    5 members of the Speech team competed at the Regional Tournament.  Participants are allowed to compete in 2 events:

    McKenna W: 3rd in Poetry and 4th in EPR; Silver A: 4th in Entertain and 5th in Serious Duo; Nate W: 9th in Impromptu; Natalie T: Region Champion in Inform, 5th in Serious Duo; Ashlyn G: 8th in Storytelling, 8th in Inform.