Varsity Speech 2017-18

  • Enderlin 2018

    Enderlin Meet (Jan 6) Results

    Lucas Burley - 6th in Impromptu
    Kylie Howatt - 8th in Impromptu and 8th in Humorous
    Silver Anderson - 7th in Entertain
    Natalie Tegtmeier - 4th in Prose and 3rd in Inform
    Tegtmeier and Anderson - 6th in Serious Duo
    Lucas Burley and Nate Walden - 5th in Humorous Duo
    and Natasha Bergeron - 1st in EPR - which means that Natasha has qualified for the State Speech Meet
    Valley City Meet (Jan 13) Results
    Natalie Tegtmeier - 3rd place in Informative
    North Sargent Meet (Jan 27)
    NC at NSarge
    NSarge RESULTS:
    Grace Johnson - 2nd Place in EPR
    Lucas Burley and Nate Walden - 7th Place in HDD
    Silver Anderson - 3rd in Entertain
    Silver Anderson and Natalie Tegtmeier - 3rd in Serious Duo
    Natalie Tegtmeier - 8th in Prose and 8th in Inform
    McKenna Walker - 3rd in EPR
    Lili Serquina - 5th in Impromptu
     NC Speech Meet
    Lucas Burley and Nate Walden - 6th in Humorous Duo
    Natalie Tegtmeier - 7th in Prose and 7th in Inform
    Lucas Burley - 4th in Impromptu
    Kylie Howatt - 7th in Impromptu
    Anna Bushy - 4th in Inform
    Hunter Gangnes - 7th in Humorous
    NC Speech at Grafton
    Grafton Meet Results (FEB 17)
    Natalie Tegtmeier and Silver Anderson - 5th in Serious Duo
    Hunter Gangnes - 6th in Storytelling
    Natalie Tegtmeier - 2nd in Inform and 6th in Dramatic
     NC at BCN
    Northern Cass Speech placed 4th at the Barnes County North Speech meet MAR 16 

    Nate Walden and Lucas Burley (3rd in Humorous Duo), Natasha Bergeron (2nd in Dramatic, 2nd in EPR), Lili Serquina (4th in Poetry),  Silver Anderson (6th in Entertain), Annie Brayton (Top Novice in Storytelling), Natalie Tegtmeier (6th in Dramatic, 5th in Inform),  McKenna Walker (Top Novice Dramatic, 5th Place EPR)

    Tajah Fankhanel placed 8th in Dramatic

    Sam Tschida placed 7th in Dramatic

    McKenna Walker placed 7th in EPR and 4th in Poetry

    Kylie Howatt placed 8th in Impromptu and 7th in Humorous

    Silver Anderson placed 7th in Entertain

    Natalie Tegtmeier placed 6th in Dramatic and 4th in Inform

    Ashlyn Gay placed 5th in Inform

    Nate Walden and Lucas Burley placed 8th in Humorous Duo

    Lucas Burley placed 6th in Impromptu

    Natasha Bergeron placed 5th in EPR and 4th in Dramatic

    Lili Serquina placed 7th in Impromptu and 3rd in Poetry

Date Site Results
Jan 6 Enderlin
Jan 13 Valley City
Jan 27 North Sargent
Feb 3 Kindred
Feb 10 Northern Cass
Feb 24 Sheyenne
Mar 10 Valley City
Mar 17 Enderlin
Mar 24 Davies
Mar 31 (No Tournament - Easter Weekend)
April 6 Region 1 and 2 Enderlin
Apr 28 State
  •  Varsity Coach - Mr. Hollister

    Varsity Coach - Mr. Hollister















    JH Coach - Mrs. Spangelo-Carney

    JH Coach - Mrs. Spangelo-Carney